For those who have visited this blog before, you know that for the most part, I basically just bore you with pictures of old houses and quirky anecdotes of people I've met or places I've been to. And while these have been vastly fulfilling to my personal sense of development as a storyteller and photographer, I wanted to press on to something a bit different.


Thing is, I've known the Hardin-Simmon's sports photographer for a few years now, and for whatever reason, it wasn't until recently that it clicked in my head that I should ask to follow him around at a few games so I could bug him and learn a thing or two (or hundred). He graciously said yes.

So on Thursday, January 28th, and Saturday, January 30th, I packed my camera bag and drove down the street to the tiny gym of my Alma Mater — Hardin-Simmons University.

IMG_4172 Color.jpg

A few things I learned on this little venture:

1. Sports Photography is no joke. It's all about having a great eye, great timing, great positioning, and a little bit of luck. Well, unless you're Braden Collum...then any good images rely mostly on luck.

2. Watch out for the basketball. This is something I learned the hard way. There I was, sitting at the baseline, innocently snapping photos when, BAM! Right in the head. Long story short folks, make sure you know where the ball is at all times, or you may end up with a chipped tooth and a bruised ego.

Go Cowboys!