If you were to look at my music history on Spotify, you'd see one name on repeat for the past two years – Colony House. Their honest lyrics, ingenious musical creativity, and huge guitar hooks are a refreshing change of pace from the generic hip-hop and pop hits plastering the charts today. And as a massive fan of these guys, I was ecstatic when I got invited to shoot a few of their shows in Texas while on their Only The Lonely Tour.


House of Blues
March 19, 2017



March 20, 2017


I left the venue in Dallas a little before midnight, and pulled back into Abilene at 2:30am the next morning. With nearly 800 miles behind me, I was exhausted and ready to be home. But the long nights, hundreds of miles, and exhaustion paled in comparison to the experience of capturing these dudes kill it on stage.

Over the years I've been fortunate enough to capture some amazing moments in some incredible places, but those shows in Houston and Dallas are nights I won't forget.

- Braden

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