Every year my wife and I try to take a "big" trip for our anniversary (June 14). But due to our work schedules and the everyday pace of life, we've needed to push it back further and further. Last year we left mid-September and flew to the Pacific Northwest to Seattle and Portland. 

This year, we packed our bags in mid-October and headed the opposite direction to the East Coast on a two-part journey.

New York City was first up.

Day 1

2:28pm - 7:41pm – Lower manhattan & 9/11 Memorial


7:58PM - 8:42PM – times square


9:04PM - 9:51PM – Rockefeller plaza


Day 2

10:13aM - 3:22PM – 5th ave & chelsea market


3:46PM - 5:30PM – empire state building


5:38PM - 8:06PM – midtown & Upper west side


Our trip to New York City was short-lived, fast-paced, and hectic – quite fitting for such a place as NYC. And after only 2 short days, we had to say goodbye. On Saturday morning we hopped on a Greyhound (yes, we took a bus!), and set our sights even further northeast – Boston, MA.

- Braden

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