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The 4.5 hour bus ride took us from Manhattan, across Connecticut, and to the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It was a bit different than NYC. No bumper-to-bumper taxi's. No sea of advertisements scrolling across 5-story-high LED boards. No urban jungle.

Just the peaceful rhythms of Boston, MA.


Day 1

12:46PM - 3:41PM – North End, haymarket, & boston harbor


7:45PM - 9:46PM – north end & boston harbor


Day 2

Our second day in Boston was characterized by a non-stop downpour of rain. And instead of seeking shelter in a cozy coffee shop or tavern, we decided to walk the streets of Back Bay and bounce in and out of boutique shops along the eight-block stretch of Newberry Street.

As a photographer, I was in heaven. Overcast skies. Glistening streets. Colonial and Revival Architecture. The vibes were perfect. The only issue? Rain. Lot's of it. And I couldn't bring myself to pull out my DSLR and risk ruining it. And so my only backup plan was the lowly iPhone 5 in my pocket.

But as they say – The best camera is the one you have with you.

Day 3

1:14PM - 2:55PM – JFK Presidential library & boston common


4:32PM - 9:37PM – fenway park


Any casual baseball fan can probably tell you the significance of the ALDS Game 3 that took place that Monday night. David Ortiz took his final at-bat, his final swing, and his final bow that night. And it seemed to be a perfect ending to an epic trip. We saw the bright lights of New York City. We experienced the culture that saturates Boston. And we witnessed baseball history at Fenway Park.

As much as we grew to love both NYC and Boston, on Tuesday morning we packed our bags and headed to the place we love most – home.

- Braden

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